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Located in the heart of central Italy at the border between Umbria and Toscana, Tecno Europa was founded in the late sixties and during that time business focused on installing heating systems as well as industrial equipment in general.

Subsequently starting from 1983 we began to work exclusively in manufacturing high pressure professional systems, that even today continue to be the core business and pride of our company.

Over the years our international activity brought our company estensive experience in this field, improving quality and performance of all our professional machines.
Our attention has always focused on top quality after sales service which makes our bond with all our international partners key point for a strong relationship.

Up to date our organization exports to more than 30 countries. Considering most of our activity within the EEC, we deliver to strong and well organized south American distributors as well as to low mediterrenean and gulf nations.

All Tecno Europa models are manufactured according to EEC standards regarding safety and environmental impact. Our long lasting experience allows us to offer high quality products that have all the right features to be utilized in a completely safe, practical and efficient way in every field of application.

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